One of our main goals is to spread the amazing improvisation and talent that appears in the campground of festivals. Keep on the Grass is dedicated to sharing this experience through video and photo blogging. We would record various jams at the camp and post them to our social media channels. Ideally we could copost some of this material to cross polinate and reach a bigger audience with either the festival or artists who are performing and come by our camp.


An emersive jam experience hosted by Caltucky

Late NIght Jams

Open Mic



Each day we will host an open mic for festival goers and musicians alike to come and perform. We will provide a basic sound setup and engineer the mix.

Each night we will kick off a late night acoustic jam providing a relaxing setting for festival attendees to jam or just kick back and enjoy the music

We will provide water, tea, and snacks to those who attend, as well as bring our mister setup, and provide a relaxing area for festival goers to stop by and take a break between acts.

Rider Requests

  • Festival passes for (8) staff that includes 4 musicians to host the jams, 2 camp coordinators, and 2 people to help set up and tear down.

  • Access to a flat campsite approximately 20'x20' in diameter for our tents and open areas

  • Access to 110V power hookup, 10-15A is sufficient

  • Access to running water if you would like for us to run our misting set up

  • Catering for our core crew members

  • Access to a liason cart for carting instruments to and from public areas if you would like us to host open public jams

  • Ice for our coolers, approximately 40lbs/day


Have a public area that gets a lot of traffic and want some live acoustic or plugged in music, Caltucky can set up pop up performances around your event.


We have a lot of families stop through Camp Caltucky and always create a family friendly environment, even during late night jams.