Fundraising Information

This is all part of a larger plan to renew and maintain the back part of the center grounds, including updating the children's playground, building a skatepark, and expanding the existing medicine garden to include more vegetables and perennial food sources. 

Last year with the first annual Hangout and skatepark fundraiser, but as of now we have lost a bit of momentum, we hope to motivate some of you to get involved. We have an existing Skatepark committee which meets every 2nd Sunday at 11a. We have a cost analysis spreadsheet which puts our budget into perspective. As of now we are just short of what is needed to repave and get started.  We have worked with the county to understand which elements will need engineering and permitting, and plan to have a smooth flat court surface by spring. This will provide the  perfect starting point for building Paisley Park. We plan to have a demo party the weekend after Thanksgiving and get the existing court removed.